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The nephilim Danyael Rosales, son of the angel Danyael and Valerie Rosales; the only surviving member of his species depicted in the series. Once a street preacher who spoke of God's apathy, Danyael defeated the rogue angel Pyriel and was granted his father's angelic rank.

I've been through this before... my kind, your kind; it's not a good mix. Power of an angel, free will of a human. The mothers love it at first, until the birth. I've seen women rip themselves open trying to get these things out because they knew they were carrying bad kids, Val. Nobody liked them, not even you-know-who.

–Gabriel to Valerie Rosales, The Prophecy II.

A Nephilim is the child of an angel and a human; possessed of both the soul and free will of a human, but also the heart and power of an angel. The nephilim were regarded as abominations by the powers of Heaven; so much so that the Great Flood was sent solely to exterminate them.

Like angels, nephilim possess supernatural powers of strength and resilience; capable of even resurrecting themselves from deadly wounds, rendering them virtually unkillable. Unlike angels, nephilim are biologically human with the exception of their heart; being that of an angel.

As a consequence of this, nephilim can experience both exhaustion and hunger as humans do; making them vulnerable to starvation. Even when they die and are resurrected, their bodies require large amounts of food - particularly sugar - to regain the energy they lost while healing.

The nephilim are not shown to possess wings or any monstrous characteristics, and any who survive are capable of living their entire lives believing they are wholly human. For Danyael Rosales, it took his assassination and subsequent resurrection to realize his heavenly heritage.

Despite being half-human, nephilim are fully capable of challenging an angel in physical combat as well as wielding heavenly weapons. Danyael was able to defeat both the assassin angel Zophael and the Angel of Genocide Pyriel, albeit with some thunder from God in the latter case.

Under certain circumstances, it is possible for a nephilim to inherit their angelic parent's position in Heaven; marked by God as one of his soldiers like any other angel. For example, the nephilim Danyael inherited his father's angelic sigil upon his neck after defeating Pyriel.