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Michael (Eric Roberts).jpg
Vital statistics
Title Archangel
Gender Male
Race Angel
Faction Heaven
Health Angelic
Level High
Status Alive
Location Heaven

The archangel Michael is regarded as the mightiest and wisest of all the angels in Heaven; second in eminence only to God himself and surpassing both Gabriel and perhaps even Lucifer himself. Michael served as supreme general over the Heavenly Host during the first War in Heaven.


Early Life[]

Michael was among those who fought Lucifer's rebel forces directly, alongside Gabriel and Simon, he was the one who defeated Lucifer and who banished him out of Heaven. Originally a humble soldier, Michael's achievements during the war earned him the favor of all of Heaven. So much so that he was afforded Lucifer's authority as the highest of angels.


Wise, caring, good

Powers & Abilities[]

Michael's strength as an archangel makes him more powerful than common angels and even archangels with only Lucifer coming close.

  • Immortality - Michael was present at the beginning of Creation, or the "Big Bang."
  • Superhuman Strength - Michael is a physical superior to any human opponent.
  • Flight - Michael can fly with his wings like all angels.
  • Dove Form - He can transform into a flock of doves.


  • Heart Removal