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Gabriel (Christopher Walken).jpg
Vital statistics
Title Archangel
Angel of Death
Angel of Vengeance
Angel of Revelation
Fallen Angel (Formerly)
Gender Male
Race Angel
Faction Heaven
Health Angelic
Level High
Status Alive
Location Heaven

Gabriel is an archangel and the angel of death, vengeance, revelation and annunciation. He is one of the highest ranking angels. Gabriel was the main antagonist of The Prophecy and The Prophecy II, though he became a supporting character in The Prophecy 3: The Ascent.


Early Life[]

And the Lord said to Gabriel: Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates, and against the children of fornication: and destroy the children of fornication and the children of the Watchers from amongst men and cause them to go forth: send them one against the other that they may destroy each other in battle: for length of days shall they not have.

–1 Enoch 10:9

Gabriel was created as one of God's four favored archangels. He was the messenger of God's will and Law to humanity. At some point in the Earth's earliest history, God commanded Gabriel to hunt down and kill all Nephilim, the children of angels and humans, who were seen as abominations. These exploits caused Gabriel to deeply hate the Nephilim. Some time after this mission, Gabriel had a disagreement with his Maker which led God to stop listening to him. Probably the arguement about humans being favored over angels, especially him. Centuries later, he came up with the plan to find the blackest soul on earth to mold into a powerful weapon that would end the stale-mate between faithful and rebellious angels and turn Heaven into another Hell. But he would fail and be sent to hell by his brother. Next, he was sent back onto the world to find the last remaining Nephilim on earth. In the end he was forced to live as a human until he was yet again allowed to come back to Heaven as an angel by an act of selfishness, leaving him rewarded by God. Assuming God had anticipated Gabriel to develop for the better.

It was he who told the Virgin Mary of her pregnancy and appeared to the prophet Muhammad.

The Prophecy[]

Initially, Gabriel came to Earth to find an evil soul that could help him take over Heaven, becoming its new God and transforming Heaven into a new Hell. This plan, however, failed, and he was killed by Lucifer and taken to Hell.

The Prophecy II[]

He is later released by Lucifer and sets out to find the angel Danyael, who had impregnated a woman, Valerie Rosales, with a Nephilim-child, This also failed, and Gabriel was stripped of his powers and immortality by his brother, the archangel Michael.

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent[]

He gets a driver's license as a human and gets a small reunion with the angel Zophael who asks Gabriel to join him in finding the now grown up Danyael Rosales to which Gabriel refuses, seeig as he now expresses more of a respect for the humans after living amongst them as one himself. Onward, Gabriel starts somewhat aiding the Nephilim-child he was once after and serves more or less as an ally and a guardian angel to Danyael. In the end, he helps heal Danyael's girlfriend Maggie from fatal injuries and is allowed to return to God's good grace once again.


At first in the series, Gabriel hates humanity, but learns to respect and show acts of kindness to them at the end of his journey. In general, Gabriel is calm and charismatic with witty lines all referencing back to the Bible and his time in service of the Lord. Living an eternity watching the world in Heaven, he claims to know all that humanity is at first glance and their way of doing things which he deems being ultimately selfish and destructive. This view of humans, which he and other fallen angels call "talking monkeys", is why Gabriel does not believe God should love them as much as He appears to do and has grown envious of their ability to have souls.

His treats the humans he meets as if they were trained animals or small children. However he doesn't seem to think as poorly of actual children, seeing as he reflected a more teacher-esc personality towards Katherine's class and even checks Sandra's soul through her mouth and puts a mint in another kid's mouth, seemingly to keep it clean which would make him see humans as unclean. However this is probably just an act to make them tell what he wants about Mary's whereabouts, since he later on tells Thomas Dagget that he will rip her limb from limb if he has to get what he wants.

He seemingly gets confused in the mortal world and gets easily fed up whenever he's forced to try and figure out how their inventions work as seen with one scene when he tried searching about Valerie's whereabouts on the computer before smashing it in a fit of frustration.

His hate for humans remains much the same in The Prophecy II although he seems to try and play to their desires and emotions a bit more, talking to them on the same level like he did with Isabelle at a diner in another scene.

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent is where he start having a turn-around about his look on humanity and even stops calling them "monkeys". He seems to dislike others referring to humans with the word as seen when he defends them in front of Zophael who at the moment hoped Gabriel was still the high and dominating arcangel he could see eye-to-eye to. But years of living as a human had finally brought Gabriel down a few levels and made him realize just how hard they had it. It becomes very evident how much the human-body took an effect on him when he expresses how petty things like fried food can kill him now and that no angel's might means anything anymore. He tries his best to somewhat lead the now grown up preacher, Danayael Rosales, to the right direction despite still having a hard time coming off as a trustworthy person indicated by his interactions showing he still behaves the way he did as an arrogant angel. He even saves his dying girlfriend Maggie from her severe injuries. In his final scene, he seems to actually be happy to have helped a human and this act seems to have given him back his position as an angel and even a pass to return to home to Heaven once again for proving to God that he could indeed be a good angel.

Ironically, he learned to become a better angel by walking in the shoes of a so-called "monkey".

Powers & Abilities[]

Gabriel's strength as an archangel makes him more powerful than common angels.

  • Immortality - Gabriel was present at the beginning of Creation, or the "Big Bang" and claims he can wait "until the stars burn out."
  • Superhuman Strength - Gabriel is a physical superior to any human opponent.
  • Superhuman Durability - Gabriel has been seen getting thrown out of a car, repeatedly beaten with an iron-rod and still being able to form a full conversation with his opponents. A barrage of bullets can too overwhelm him but not completely keep him down.
  • Flight - Gabriel can fly with his wings like all angels.
  • Dove Form - He can transform into a flock of doves. A trademark-move even Lucifer uses.
  • Fire Manipulation - He can set things and people alight with a simple hand gesture. He also seems to be able to make his palms heat up when forcing Isabelle to do his biddings.
  • Anatomical Influence - Gabriel claims to have created the dent on the upper lip of the human long ago, showing his influence to human-design stuck forever.
  • Reanimation - He can bring the recently deceased back to life with an unknown limit of time. They appear to still be very much dead bodies however as they begin to rot during the course of time. Being dead, they can't get hurt unless through 100% fatal injuries such as a car-crash or getting shot in the head. He however still seems to be able to physically hurt them, suggesting he has more authoritative dominion over them than just being able to set them free from their living. They still appear to still be the same person they used to be before they died. He can also tell whenever a person is about to die, giving him an easier way to find them in needed situations.
  • Reality Bending - Again, only a claim but he says he's turned rivers into blood and cities into salt. He once pulled a coin behind Jerry's ear. However it is unknown if he did it with a simple illusion or with his actual abilities. When Gabriel coarsed a child to play a "special" trumpet, he makes a window break. It is once again unclear if he actually did it though the trumpet or if he used his own powers to make it seem as if it was the work of the trumpet.
  • Hypnosis - Gabriel can make people fall asleep on command by holding his palm in front of their faces at an instant. Sometimes prefering to shush them for good measure.
  • Omniscience - Gabriel claims to have enjoyed watching the work of a few humans despite probably not having been there in person at those moments.
  • Soul Manipulation - All angels possess the ability to both smell souls throughout the world as well as being able to contain souls within themselves by swallowing them through the mouths of the humans and then also pass them onto other humans with painful consequences. He only needs to look into their mouths to sense if they either have a clean one or have one missing.
  • Teleportation - Gabriel appeared once in a church that had been closed.


  • Heart Removal - When he's killed by Lucifer, he gets his heart pulled out, leaving him a husk with eyeless sockets. This appears to inevitably be all angels' weakness. It is unknown however whether it is sometimes fatal seeing as Gabriel was brought back later to the human world.
  • Cultural Shock - It appears Gabriel only knows the basics of the world and probably only spent time interacting with them during the time the Bible is supposed to take place in. He doesn't seem to be capable of learning at any faster rate than in an ordinary human's pace seeing as he struggled to understand driving, typing on computers and even communicating through walkie-talkies when being introduced to them. He later on seems to have overcome this weakness after turning into a human however.